“Farewell Is Never Forever”

“Farewell Is Never Forever”
John 16:16-24
Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well, the time has come . . . a time that I certainly didn’t see happening . . . not now . . . as this was NOT part of MY PLAN.
But God has been wrestling with me that this is the right decision for this Church at this time . . . and I have learned to trust when God calls me to a Church ~AND~ equally so . . . I must trust when God calls me out.
And, I think when one comes to an end of their time with those that have been entrusted into their care . . . and has an opportunity to look back and reflect upon what it is that they’ve hoped to impart with them. . .
And of ALL the things that I have hoped to impart with you . . . if I had to condense it down to just ONE THING . . . it’s this . . . the incredible potential of Christ Jesus that is in each of us.
And the unlimited potential of learning about who and what He wants to BE . . . in . . . and through . . . each of us.
Of ALL the things you’ve heard from me . . . it is my prayer that you’ve heard that God did NOT send His one and only Son to JUST DIE for the forgiveness of our SIN . . . or that Jesus isn’t some esoteric entity that exists OUTSIDE us and helps us when we call out to Him . . .
Rather, it is my prayer that you have heard me speak about God’s PLAN to impart . . . to BIRTH His Son . . . into (to use the Apostle Paul’s words) “earthen vessels” . . . to put God’s incorruptible seed of Life (Christ Jesus) into ALL who have accepted Jesus.
And that our time together has been about REMINDING us of this TRUTH, and ENCOURAGING us all to make the conscious CHOICE of ALLOWING that Life, the life of Christ to live IN US . . . THROUGH US . . . in our own unique “earthen vessels.”
That you’ve heard me say that I BELIEVE that the Church is the compilation of all those unique “earthen vessels” expressing the nature and character of Christ wherever they are.

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