Thanks for taking a moment and visiting with us here at Koenig Lane Christian Church (KLCC). We are a faith community, located in Austin, Texas, which is continuously seeking to find new and exciting ways to live out our faith with honesty, integrity and unity. We represent a diverse group of people from around North Central Austin who have joined together to celebrate our common understanding of God’s love. More than that, we are here to participate with God in sharing that love with ALL of His Children (everyone). Our doors are always open to all who want to share their journey through life with us, and who want to share in our journey.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers; rather, we celebrate the discovery of new questions and the process of seeking answers that are meaningful. Please take a moment and tour our online community. We ask you to question honestly and critically if there is something here that might be of value to you in your life; or, if you have something you would like to contribute to our community. Feel free to send questions, comments or thoughts to any of our leaders listed on this site. All are welcome at Koenig Lane Christian Church!

See the map on the Contact Us page to find out where we’re at!

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